If you are a small business with a legal query, finding the answer is not a piece of cake- only 8% get help from a lawyer in the UK, the rest have to fend for themselves. Atkins-Shield aims to help bridge that very large void.

The Competition & Markets Authority's 2016 report into the legal services market reported that 52% of small businesses (employing up to 50 people) handled their legal issues on their own, with only 15% seeking legal advice. 

The main drivers for this approach according to the CMA being limited awareness of legal services and the complexity and cost related to obtaining legal advice, as well as the fear factor in seeking formal legal advice.

Small businesses make up 99.3% of all businesses in the UK and contribute 51% of the GDP, employing 58% of the private sector workforce.*

CMA- legal-services-market-study-final-report

* Federation of Small Businesses