40% of individual consumers handled their legal issues on their own, with 29% seeking formal legal advice, according to the Competition & Markets Authority's (CMA) 2016 report into the legal services market.  The main drivers according to the CMA being limited awareness of legal services and the complexity and cost related to obtaining legal advice, as well as the fear factor in seeking formal legal advice.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority in its June 2017 report into improving access- tackling unmet legal needs, reported that over 50% of UK adults faced a legal problem in the last three years, and only 1 in 3 people with a legal problem seek professional advice. It also stated that 2 in 3 people feel legal services are too expensive. The SRA concluded that people and businesses need access to legal services.

Atkins-Shield is aimed at addressing these key issues for individuals by offering a better way to find what they need easily and cost effectively. 

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