In an increasingly complex and fast moving world, businesses and individuals need a quick, reliable and cost-effective source of answers to their legal questions.

Challenges that have been significantly increased by the Coronavirus pandemic.

The legal access stats are in (see charts) and it is clear that there is an urgent need for greater access to more affordable legal help across the board. In addition, our own research shows that 80% of UK membership Associations do not offer their members any form of legal help or support. These unmet legal needs are a serious but addressable issue.

So, Never Mind the Gap- try plugging it! is a legal help desk platform that address these needs head on.

Our short video explains how it works.

Legal Help Desks- Our free-to-use Help Desks cover 100s of legal topics on  business and personal & family law, as well as on Brexit.

Legal Documents- Our documents portal gives access to more than 450 legal templates for business and personal use.