This includes help and guidance on everyday topics ranging from house buying and renting to jury service.There are more than 35 individual help desks available and these are increasing.

How often do your members, either in their personal capacities or within their families, find themselves struggling to know where they stand on a legal matter?

Having a legal help desk resource within their members' login area will be an invaluable benefit at those times and will hopefully save them both time and money.

Arrest & Police Powers / Benefits / Buying & Selling a Home / Children / Construction & Building / Consumer Finance / Consumer Issues / Data Protection & Privacy / Death / Discrimination / Divorce & Separation / Education / Employment / Financial Scams and Complaints / Fraud / Gambling / Health & Safety / Healthcare & Records / Human Rights / Identity Theft / Immigration / Income Tax / Legal Aid / Marriage & Relationships / Motoring / Pensions / Personal Debt / Personal Injury / Powers of Attorney / Probate / Renting a Home / Self-Employment / Setting up a business / Tax on Residential Property / The Elderly / Travel & Tourism Complaints / Wills & Probate

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