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Recent surveys have shown that membership organisations are losing traction with their members for a variety of reasons.
There are a number of critical factors in retaining and winning new users and a larger audience. Offering added value is critical to retention and the expansion of your audience.

Becoming an Affiliate boosts perceived and actual value by offering Law-Answers' multi-functional platform.

User value is critical to retention and expansion of your audience. provides your users with curated help desks that cover a very extensive range of legal topics covering law and  regulations covering:Plus, our added-value services portal gives your audience access to more then 450 professionally drafted legal documents and templates for personal use and business use as well as access to specialist legal advice from qualified lawyers across the country and to a bespoke commercial documents drafting service.

There is very strong evidence in recent detailed reports into the accessibility and affordability of legal services in the UK that:

  1. Individuals frequently defer or avoid altogether seeking because they don't recognise an issue as a legal problem and of those who feel they need legal help 40% resort to self-help, 16% do nothing and 15% seek informal help. Law-Answers is relevant to all sectors; and 
  2. A high percentage of small businesses do not seek legal advice because of cost and of those that do, 52% handle the problem alone, 31% seek some form of informal help, and 9% take no action. Atkins-Shield is relevant for all sectors.
These reports make a compelling case for much improved access to law at an affordable price. is taking a lead in delivering on these twin objectives.

Affiliate status allows you to be front and centre of this important drive.

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Our curated Help Desks are designed around topic headings that will allow your users to find the subject that they are interested in.

Help Desks: There are three main legal topics Help Desks 1. Business Help Desk 2. A Personal & Family Help Desk and 3. A Brexit Help Desk.

Legal Advice: Being able to research a legal issue may well be enough to solve a person's concerns. But it may lead to more complex questions that need to be answered by a qualified lawyer. Law-Answers' platform directs subscribers to solicitors and qualified professionals to obtain legal advice on a large range of business and personal legal issues.

Legal Documents: We know that very often users want to get a legal document that they can use themselves or for their business without having to go to a solicitor first. Through there are 100s of professionally drafted documents that can be purchased and downloaded for personal use and for business use.

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It is well known, and in terms of lawyers also quite true, that "time is money".

There are a number of ways your users can help save on legal fees by using

  1. By browsing one or more of our three main Help Desks, straight-away they save on paying a lawyer to do the same job.
  2. The more research members do via the links we provide and via the connected links that they provide, the greater understanding they gain without engaging a lawyer;
  3. Using our Legal Fees Savings Calculator they can assess how much in fees they have saved themselves by using our free-to-use website.
By using our Help Desks, your users get up to date legal guidance on business or personal & family matters that they might otherwise have to get from a lawyer. Our Brexit Help Desk provides important information on this most crucial of topics.

There is a direct correlation between the time your users spend doing their legal research on our site and the amount they are saving on legal fees.

We have included a stop watch legal fees calculator that is triggered when they start their search. This will tell them the amount they have just saved themselves by using our Help Desks.

We have built a multi-functional platform that helps direct your users to a qualified solicitor or legal adviser. 

Law-Answers connects to to provide your users with access to over 450 professionally drafted legal templates with accompanying notes. These can be purchased online and downloaded for personal or business use.

Legal support for drafting and completing the documents to make sure they suit your users' requirements is optionally available.

Special discounts are available to your users for single and multiple purchases of legal documents via
The web is our primary source.

One of our core purposes is to use existing technology to offer improved and efficient access to laws and regulations that affect our every-day lives.

The links and other information that are offered on our website are curated from reliable sources with up-to-date information.

This is because we want to be as sure as we can be that, when your users do their research via our site, they are accessing current information.

Our site encourages your users to take advantage of our search criteria. By following the links we have on our Help Desks, users can better inform themselves. 
Easy to answer: a Google search, for example, will return literally hundreds of websites, making it difficult to select those of genuine help.

Many sites will be out of date, even by a few weeks, and others will offer confusing or conflicting guidance on the same topic.

This is frustrating and, worse still, it can result in users being confused and/or misunderstanding their legal position.

We have carefully curated our linked sites to ensure that they are as redundant-proof as possible.

We have searched for and edited out the irrelevant or less useful sites, then created links to relevant & reliable websites and to specific pages within those sites that give up-to-date answers, so saving your members both time, money and concern in doing their own research.

Our website significantly and measurably accelerates your members' ability to reach the answers they are after.
All's links are to websites created and published by third parties who are believed to be reliable information providers. Many of the sites are provided by Government and government departments and by regulatory bodies.

We select the websites on the basis that they are the type that will be continuously updated so that, when you access them via our website, they will provide current information.

However, we cannot guarantee that this happens in all cases, so please be aware of this when you are browsing.
Increasing your audience is an imperative.

Research shows that key to achieving this is giving members a secure and resource rich 'shop' for what they need now or in the future.

Our professionally curated legal help desks can offer a significant service benefit for your members and add real value to what you, as their representative body, can offer them.

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