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When an Association, Charity, User Group, Club, Academy, School, University, Trust, Society, Corporation or Company, Business, Partnership or any other entity however constituted (“Subscriber”) subscribes to, it agrees to be bound by these Terms & Conditions, which are incorporated in this page and include important Data Protection terms.

Please read our Privacy Policy (this policy is maintained at and by in behalf of this website).

Subscriber understands and agrees that neither Atkins-Shield Ltd nor (“us” “our”, “AS”) is a law firm and does not provide legal advice.

1. The above preamble, including our Privacy Policy, and the following detailed terms and conditions shall apply when you view and/or use this website (“this Site”).
2. Subscriber, upon payment of the relevant subscription fee, shall be given the right and licence to provide access to the parts and services of (“the Site”) to which it has subscribed for the sole and exclusive use and benefit of the number of its members, shareholders, partners, stakeholders, customers, clients, students, pupils, patients etc., as the case may (“Users”) for which is has registered and subscribed. The license granted to Subscriber by the Terms of Business shall be for the period of time for which it has purchased a subscription.
3. Access to the Site shall be provided via a link to be embedded or otherwise held on Subscriber’s website for its Users.
4. Subscriber shall on payment to us of any relevant subscription fee that we may charge give its Users a code or link to be supplied by us on subscription to enable its Users to have access to the Site.
5. Subscriber shall ensure that no persons or entities who are not registered with it as a User shall be given access to the Site.
6. Users may only use the Site while they are registered as a User with Subscriber through having an access code or link to the Site.
7. Subscriber shall ensure that so far as possible a person or entity who ceases to be registered as User shall from that time forward no longer have access to the Site.
8. Users will be bound individually by the Terms of Business that are published on the Site.
9. The Site’s specific Terms of Business will prevail over these Terms of Business if there is any conflict between them.
10. Subscription fees may be charged by us for access to the Site and subject as provided in these Business Terms.
11. The rates of subscription will be set and may be varied by us at our discretion.
12. We may offer discounts on subscription rates and other special rates at our discretion.
13. Subscribers and Users accept that all subscription fees shall be in respect of the services provided by the site other than the legal help desks, notwithstanding that these are bundled with the other services.
14. The Site offers connections to external websites and to documents and other data that has been downloaded from external websites (collectively “external data”).
15. The external data as offered by and through the Site does not amount to giving legal advice on any particular topic and is only intended to give some initial general help and guidance on the topics covered.
16. AS does not warrant the accuracy or the currency of any external data and Users are recommended to check all available sources by providers to fill out their knowledge of particular topics and before relying on the external data.
17. AS maintains that it is not necessarily safe to rely on the external data and encourages Users to seek professional advice from a qualified lawyer.
18. While AS reviews the external data that it loads onto the Site and takes steps to monitor its links to external data, AS is not responsible for any of the contents of any external data or for its relevance to any particular situation faced by a Member.
19. If there is any external data that a User is aware is out of date or that a User believes to be incorrect, we request that as part of Users’ use of the Sites they report it to us via email to
20. AS will act to clear any external data that is so reported to us and is found to be out of date or to be incorrect.
21. The external data to which Users are linked via the Sites are owned and published by third parties and are not within the control of Atkins-Shield Ltd. Users must therefore note this and satisfy themselves that they are suitable for their purpose and use such external data in accordance with their published terms.
22. The publishing of law features is an integral part of this Site and users are encouraged to let us know if there are any discrepancies or other issues that concern them arising from such law features.
23. All opinions and advice that is expressed or made available to Users in or via any external data viewed or otherwise accessed via this Site, including any law features, are those of the authors of such materials and are not the views, opinions or advice of Atkins Shield or of any of its owners, directors, managers or employees.
24. We do not endorse or guarantee any external data, law features or other material that is accessed via this Site by whatever means.
25. These terms of business may be updated and changed by at any time without notice.
26. Data Protection: Atkins-Shield Ltd takes privacy seriously and will only use personal information and details to administer the Site and to provide the products and services requested from us. However, from time to time we can contact Users with details of other services and products that we offer. We may also pass Users’ details onto professional firms so that they can contact them by email or by post with details of the products or services that they provide.
27. Privacy Policy: this Site’s Privacy Policy is contained and maintained in an external link.
28. Limit of Liability: we are not responsible or liable or any loss or damage whether direct or indirect and however occurring that a Member suffers or incurs or that is alleged to have been suffered or incurred when using this site or as result of using the Site or linking to any external data, including to any lawyer, law firm. We are not responsible or liable for any advice, information or data in whatever form that you obtain by any means from any third party as a result of using the Site or for the way in which Users use such material. We are not responsible or liable for any loss or damage arising whether directly or indirectly from the use of or the reliance on any external data, law features or other material that is accessed via the Site.
29. Use of Site: Users of the Site shall in particular and without prejudice to any other terms contained in the Terms of Business for the Site:
  • Ensure that they only use the Site for a legitimate purpose that is not illegal or criminal and do not knowingly send any forged, fake or unlawful information, documents or material;
  • Don't defame any person or entity;
  • Not knowingly give false or misleading information;
  • Not pretend to be another person or entity or hide behind a false name or identity;
  • Not use the personal details of another person or another entity to obtain legal advice;
  • Permit us to publish and/or use details of their request for advice to promote and advertise our services;
  • Allow us to use their name in connection with the Site only if we ask them to do this and they agree in writing;
  • Accept that we reserve the right to refuse to pass on to a lawyer or otherwise handle any information or material they send us if we consider it in our sole discretion to be offensive, illegal or inappropriate for any reason.
  • Be liable for any and all loss or damage that we may suffer or incur including reasonable legal fees as a result of their use of this Site.
30. These Terms of Business may be amended by us at any time.
Terms of Business June 2019
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