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Signing up to become an Affiliate of is free. There are no service or administration fees for using the's Affiliate's platform. As an Affiliate, you are get marketing support with extensive 'creatives' accessed via your Affiliate dashboard.

Added Value:

Law-Answers provides a legal help platform for membership associations, charities and other organisations. has three main Help Desks: Personal & Family, Business, Brexit. Subscribers will be able to look up their required area of law and inform themselves.


Becoming a Law-Answers Affiliate will help strengthen and deepen relationships with your member and donor communities. Showing you recognise that your members, users, donors and visitors have requirements that extend beyond your platform's immediate focus enriches their engagement with you.

Marketing: & are valuable benefits on the Law-Answers' platform that you can offer your audience. This is a powerful marketing tool that can be used not only to increase adherence, but also enhances current user experience.


As an Affiliates you'll earn instant income from all subscribers to who sign up from your website or social media platform. Our commission rates are generous and supported by a real-time reporting system and your Affiliate dashboard for added control. The table shows Affiliate rates at launch and these may change over time.


How well you succeed in your mission can be measured in several ways, one of which is retention level of your users and audience. Our research shows that reputation is linked to delivering services and support in areas that are important to users, including legal support.


Law-Answers' principles are to improve and lower the cost of access to the law. These are the principles that we invite you to offer to your users via our Affiliate programme. The legal market is under the closest scrutiny by a range of regulators, all of whom agree that access and affordability must signifcantly improve. The same bodies also recognise that web-based solutions to be one of the critical drivers in meeting these vitally important targets.


Our subscribers can help reduce or even eliminate their spending on legal fees by using our multi-functional platform. Unplanned legal expenses are at best a nuisance and at worst they can cause significant business disruption, extra unplanned cost and stress.