Law-Answers was founded by Jeremy Cama, now a non- practising solicitor, following his 35 + of (mainly) very happy and fulfilled years at the coal face of domestic & international legal practice with some of the UK's leading firms.

The curated legal help desk solution was born from a common enough situation. On his return to the UK from his international practise, Jeremy needed to solve a relatively simple UK domestic red tape issue. After trawling many websites, he found multiple answers; the only problem being several offered conflicting advice and many of the ranking sites were out of date and therefore of no use.

Frustrated at the lack of clarity on-line, was conceived at his dining room table, while Jeremy was settling back into English life.

It has developed quickly into a utility portal that he now wants as many people to benefit from as possible. As a strong supporter of much greater and easier access to the law for all (see the legal stats), with, he has built in more utilities to supplement the core Help Desks. This includes a Legal Advice Hub to make contact with solicitors, a Legal Documents Hub to get access to legal documents and templates for business use and for personal use as well as other utilities highlighted on this site.